The day of the sale came and went and i was told the bank kept the house, not selling it at auction because not many investors showed up that day. After all of that, no one really wanted my house in the first place.

My lender obviously desired my home for themselves. I guess it is more valuable to them to resell it to someone else than to allow me to keep making (sometimes too small) payments on it.

The threat dealing with a “salesperson” has diminished. These buyer leads are willing to work with you because you were willing to work with them first.

I just took a 10 minute break from typing to go in my outlook server and phone log to see how many builders/realtors called me for financing their “spec homes” in Mississippi. 27 DIFFERENT People with DIFFERENT Products.

The major reason that people don’t sell their homes themselves is because they do not have the time and patience it takes to sell the home. Home sellers find themselves racing for the phone every time it rings because they don’t want to miss out on a deal. Selling real estate in Florida can be made easier through use of a for sale by owner, FSBO, website.

Two. Think about real estate point for a minute. One of the first things listed is how many bedrooms? So of course adding a bedroom is pretty much a guaranteed way to increase the homes worth. Depending on the situation, it may not be as expensive as it sounds. Tcat once added a bedroom with a cedar closet and a small bathroom to what was a garage. It actually made sense to do so and put a new freestanding garage up. The turning radius to get into the old garage was simply too tight. Adding a third bedroom and a second bathroom certainly added more to the value of the home than the freestanding garage did. The additional room may be used as a guest room for siblings and friends.Speaking of bathrooms, let’s move to our third point.

Breaking down the numbers, Canadian real estate is down 6 percent compared to the same quarter last year, and down 2.5 percent from the second quarter of this year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.

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